In Google Search Console, under Core Web Vitals, you will find LCP, FID, and CLS errors for both desktop and mobile. You will want to fix these to improve your Google Page Experience.


  • LCP – Largest Contentful Paint: the time to render the largest visible element in the viewport (e.g., image, video, big block of text, etc.).
  • FID – First Input Delay: the measured time from when a user clicked a link or tapped a button on the page to the time the web browser responds to the interaction.
  • CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift: measures the layout content shift of all individual elements during the entire lifespan of the page. A user must do something on the page for the measurement to occur.

Learn more from Google here or if you want to go DEEP on CLS specifically, check out The Almost-Complete Guide to Cumulative Layout Shift.

How to Fix

You will most likely need your website developer to correct any issues unless you have the technical chops to correct them. You will definitely want to fix anything that has a status of poor.

CLS and LCP errors

General Guidelines to Fix Issues

  • Test your website speed with tools like Google Page Speed Insights, Chrome Lighthouse, or Batch Speed.
  • Reduce page size to under 500KB if possible. You can achieve this by crunching images and minifying assets.
  • Limit the number of page resources to 50 for best performance on mobile.

When you think a particular issue is fixed, click Start Tracking on the issue details page in the Search Console Core Web Vitals report.

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