The title attribute is one of the most important parts of a Google Shopping feed. Following some best practices will help you have a high-quality data feed.

  • Use as many of the 150 characters as you can.
  • Depending on device and screen size, some users will only see the first 70 characters, so put your most important details first.
  • Improve your clicks and conversions with optimal keywords. Some of those keywords should include your brand name, product name, and any unique features of your product such as gender or seasonal details.

Some possible title structure templates you can use:

Brand + Product Type + Color + Material
Brand + Size (length, width, height) + Product Type + Color
Material + Product Type + Color + Brand
Style + Color + Product Type + Brand
Product Type + Size + Color + Feature + Brand

It should go without saying, but make sure you clearly describe your product and use professional and grammatically correct language without extra capital letters for added emphasis.


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