Slack has over 1.25MM paid users which led to Salesforce acquiring them for $27.7B. A few other quick facts:

  • Slack is the fastest growing SaaS company of all time.
  • They went zero to $4B in four years.
  • They add $1MM in new contracts every 11 days.
  • They have 10MM active daily users.

Not bad, but how did they get there?

The source of this post,’s “How Slack Generated 100,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month” (which is FREE) outlines 13 different growth strategies. The three that stood out are:

  • Sponsor Every Podcast In Your Niche. Cut The Losers. Keep The Winners. Slack’s approach wasn’t necessarily sponsoring podcasts that have monster audiences but sponsoring ones that have loyal audiences that regularly interact with and trust the podcast host. Slack then continued the momentum by creating two unique podcasts of their own.
  • Fair Billing Policy – Slack’s Fair Billing Policy gives them a lot of exposure on social media. If a user stops using the software for 14 days, Slack will give you your money back through rotated credit. I have been on the receiving end of these email notifications, numerous times, and can attest to their impact. I called out this tactic because it still isn’t widely used.
  • Surgical with Channels vs. Broad – Being everywhere doesn’t drive growth unless you have a strategy. On social media, Slack uses Facebook to update fans, YouTube to drive customer acquisition, and Twitter to create awareness and help with 24/7 customer support. Blogging on Medium is centered around four different types of posts: product updates, tutorials, workplace tips, and personal stories.

While word-of-mouth and referral engines are always a big part of growth, it all comes down to having a great product.

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